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    Fire Over Africa Quarterly Report

    Christianity in Africa is growing in amazing ways, yet there are pockets of resistance to the gospel. One of those pockets would be areas dominated by Islam. We have literally seen hundreds of thousands of Muslims turn to faith in Christ, yet there are missions more. Why has it been

  • Does America Have a Culture?

    We were traveling in the U.S. and along the way spent some time with our youngest daughter. She told me about a book she had read by Pastor Kyle Idleman called, Not a Fan. She was really enthusiastic about how much this book had blessed and challenged her in her

  • Ishmael, Arabism, and Islam

    What is the current spread of Islam really about? To understand what is happening in the world today we need to understand Islam, its history and teaching. To that end this series of newsletters has been an attempt to share something of what we have learned concerning these important topics.