• #givinghope

    Many Children in the countryside of Ethiopia are struggling today. The drought of the past 2 years has left many families without enough food and resources depleted. Children needing food may leave home to live on the streets in the larger cities trying to escape very difficult conditions in their

  • 2016 Project Updates – Feed the Children

    we enter the new year we are beginning some new and important projects we want to highlight in this newsletter.  The first is the Diaspora Area Children Feeding Project. This is a project operated by Thessa McCoy in cooperation with Hewot Berhan Church that feeds school children lunch on Monday through

  • Is there Snow in Ethiopia this Christmas?

    Actually no, there is no snow in Ethiopia and at this time not enough rain either in much of the country. We are praying for the nation and for all those affected by the current drought conditions. If crops did not grow due to lack of rain during last season

  • Is there an “American” theology?

    We are traveling in the U.S. during September and October and along the way spent some time with our youngest daughter, Lindsey. She told me about a book she was reading by Pastor Kyle Idleman called, Not a Fan. She was really enthusiastic about how much this book has blessed

  • Ishmael, Arabism, and Islam

    What is the current spread of Islam really about? To understand what is happening in the world today we need to understand Islam, its history and teaching. To that end this series of newsletters has been an attempt to share something of what we have learned concerning these important topics.