Famine Relief Project

How You Can Help Feed Thousands of Starving Children Right Now

Famine 1

Fire Over Africa is committed to meeting the basic needs of individuals in the regions in which it works. In the 2015 Human Development Report, Ethiopian ranked 174th out of 188 countries in the world today. In Ethiopia, over 8 million people receive ongoing food aid from the Ethiopian government year after year in cash for work programs. Due to lack of rains in 2014-2015, drought and food insecurity has reached crisis levels with over 23 million people affected by food insecurity in 2015-2016, a large percentage of those most seriously affected are children.

Fire Over Africa received a food donation commitment valued over $1,000,000 to be shipped between February and August in 7 container shipments to meet the need of starving children in southern Ethiopia where FOA works.  An initial 20’ container already shipped out in February that has arrived. The government gave FOA permission to distribute the food to children Year 4 (about age 10) and younger. Approximately 45,000 children will be fed daily for 6 months with this food donation.


Our most immediate need is approximately $17,000 to provide shipping, handling and distribution costs for an upcoming 40’ container shipment. It costs us approximately $30 to feed 10 children for 6 months, $300 to 100 children for 6 months and a $3000 donation feeds approximately 1000 children for 6 months.

If you are an individual, please consider partnering with us at $30/month of for the next 6 months with a one time gift of $180.

If you are a church or non-profit, please consider partnering with us at $3000 to feed 1000 children for 6 months or sponsor the shipment of an entire 40’ container that will feed 45,000 children for one month at $17,000!

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