• An Extended Reflection on Biblical Truth

    Both in the Epistle to the Galatians and that to the Romans Paul discusses Abraham who was declared to be righteous by God because he believed. In Galatians Paul is on the way toward the point that the gentiles also inherit the blessing of Abraham through faith. In Romans 4

  • What is Conversion to Christ?

    Andrew Walls from his St. Colm’s lecture (1989)- “Conversion is not about adopting someone else’s pattern of life and thought, however ancient and however excellent, that is not conversion but proselytization … conversion involves the turning towards Christ of everything that is there already, so that Christ comes into places,

  • Become an FOA Partner

    My daughter, Alyssa Munson, is a graduate of UC Davis in English and has an MA in Education. She worked with Teach for America for 2 years in New York City and is now teaching English for Shiloh Bible College Ethiopia. If you would like to be a part of

  • Pluralism and the Christian Missionary Task

    Today it is popular (politically correct) to consider all religious beliefs as self-evidently personal on the one hand and as falling under the general heading and protection of all things cultural on the other. Ethiopia in particular is based upon a system termed “ethnically based federalism.” This federal system is

  • The Day in Which We Live

    In Christian circles there is constant discussion of the “end times” and the “return of Christ.” I was recently asked by some students about the computer they had heard about in Brussels named “the beast” which is supposed to be connected to the antichrist and 666 and other interesting ideas