• What is Happening in the Arab World

    In the last 6 weeks the Middle East has become the center of news due to the rash of rebellions/revolutions. Worried monarchs and dictators from Saudi Arabia to Sudan are making concessions hoping things will not turn ugly for them as well. We are told that “hardliners” and “fundamentalists” will

  • The Imaginative Element of the Gospel

    Today in Western society we have a generally low opinion of “imagination.” It is something that is “not real” and thus not meaningful to people who are concerned with “real life.” But the truth is that imagination is very important not only in our lives but in the spread of

  • The Knowledge of God and Human Knowledge

    Human knowledge has multiplied exponentially in the past 150 years to where the sheer volume of such knowledge is overwhelming and any single person is daunted to know even a small portion of that knowledge well. The measure of that knowledge is rationality, or the ability of humans to say,

  • The Commodification of Life and the Spread of the Gospel

    Because the church exists within a societal and cultural matrix it both influences and is also subject to the influence of those societies and cultures. This is quite clear to Western Christians when they visit nations in Africa, Asia or South America in that they immediately find the church is

  • Christ, Culture and reaching the world for Jesus

    J.N.K. Mugambi: “I am wrestling with a contradiction: The gospel proclaims good news in specific cultural and historical terms (Lk 6:16-20). Yet missionary Christianity has reached Africa as terribly bad news in which people have been taught in church to despise their culture, their ancestry, their history and their knowledge.