• Do You Understand Islam?

    There are projected to be 1.7 Billion Muslims in the world today. It is also reported that 80% of all the armed conflicts around the globe today involve Muslims in some way.

  • Grace, the half has not been told

    That is the whole gospel, it is time to preach again the fullness of the atonement of Christ.

  • 5K

    5K run/walk events are coming up in Oakland, CA on Sept. 14 and in Buffalo, NY on Oct. 5. TheĀ T-shirts are in and look great. Join us at Lake Merritt in Oakland or Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park, NY and have a great time walking or running with friends

  • American Values do not = Christian Values

    The church must not continue to mimic the lifestyle of the rich and famous but must embrace the call to become God's agent of change and His living message to this generation.

  • Life is more fragile than we realize

    Life is fragile, opportunities to make a difference are sometimes brief. Just another African baby dying of malnutrition. His name was Binyam.