Many Children in the countryside of Ethiopia are struggling today. The drought of the past 2 years has left many families without enough food and resources depleted. Children needing food may leave home to live on the streets in the larger cities trying to escape very difficult conditions in their home villages. While they may find some food they are not getting education nor are they being nurtured in a family environment. Other children feel hopeless and so do not attend school. Concentration and learning levels are severely degraded when a child lacks needed nutrition. In order to address this challenging problem, Fire Over Africa is partnering with Ebenezer Children’s ministry in Ethiopia to provide food in schools every day. Thousands of children are being fed daily through this program and we will increase and enlarge our scope as funding becomes available through generosity of our donors.

Schools where our programs are being conducted report that students who have dropped out are returning to school and the dropout rate is significantly reduced because food is being offered through this life-changing, hope-giving project. Education is the key to the future of these children but without sufficient nutrition they cannot stay in school nor can they successfully study. This program is an open door to hope for these children who receive needed nutrition as well as are encouraged to complete their education.

Join us today in this hope-giving, life-changing program. The children of Ethiopia need your help today. For $25 you can feed 5 children one meal a day for 6 months; For $50 you can feed 10 children; for $500 you can feed 100 children one meal a day for 6 months. Make you donation a recurring monthly donation on our website and give hope to a child in rural Ethiopia. Visit our website to make you tax deductible donation now or mail to our secure mailing address,          Fire Over Africa at PO Box 427, Brentwood, CA 94513.

Click here to donate now:  #givinghope

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