Do You Understand Islam?

There are projected to be 1.7 Billion Muslims in the world today. It is also reported that 80% of all the armed conflicts around the globe today involve Muslims in some way. Terrorism has been taken to another level by groups such as ISIS. But there is much confusion today as to what does Islam really teach? Are the extremists actually following Islam or is Islam a religion of peace as others claim? If “moderate” muslims indeed disapprove of the extremists, what are they doing to stop such groups as ISIS? In one town a terrorist act is undertaken by Muslims and in another town in the same nation outrage and sorrow is expressed by other Muslims. What is Islam in the midst of all of that? 

Part of the mission of Fire Over Africa is to educate the public in Western nations to understand Islam, its actual teachings, how Islamic theology and doctrines develop, as well as the worldwide Islamic agenda along with its methods. Islam is growing rapidly and worldwide. It is the goal of Islam to cover the planet with the worship of Allah and bring it under the rule of Shariah Law. All Muslims share these goals and are involved in reaching this objective in some way. Jihad is not simply violent and armed conflict and may be conducted in various ways many of which are not violent but rather non-violent aspects of Jihad with the objective of bringing the world under the government of Islam. Moderate and extremist Muslims (to use the Western conception) are all working toward the same goal and are widely involved in Jihad in some form.

The American church needs to understand Islam. It needs to know the teachings, history and methodologies of Islam. The American church cannot afford to exist in ignorance regarding these issues any longer. Understanding Islam is not an option, it is required for every Christian today. Contact us for resources and assistance.


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