100,000 Muslims have come to faith in Christ over the past 12 years:

Our major project is training and supporting Ethiopian missionaries sent out through our partner, Rift Valley Vision Project, that are evangelizing and planting churches among Muslim, Orthodox and tribal peoples of Ethiopia and now into Somalia, Northern Kenya, Eretria, Sudan and the Middle East. Over the past 12 years 100,000 Muslims have been brought to faith in Christ and are presently part of a discipleship program or house church across Ethiopia. Fire Over Africa supports the training of these missionaries, which is done through Shiloh Bible College Ethiopia in Hawassa. Missionaries are selected by Rift Valley Vision Project in cooperation with their home churches and gathered from all parts of Ethiopia for training at SBCE in Hawassa. Training is a one-year program that combines both course work and practical work with experienced missionaries.

Missions literature is filled with affirmation that training and sending national workers is the best approach and yet the majority of such programs involve both training and oversight being done by expatriate (foreign) missionaries and not national workers. In this case the selection of Ethiopian missionaries is done in a cooperative effort between their home church and the RVVP which is an effort entirely overseen by Ethiopian leadership. Missionaries are sent by RVVP and overseen by that organization. Their training is conducted by SBCE with 90% of all teaching provided by qualified Ethiopian teachers in their own language.

The success of this approach is phenomenal with more than 100,000 Muslims coming to faith in Christ over the past 12 years. The full report of the past 3 months (1st quarter of 2012) can be downloaded and reviewed Click Here

Fire Over Africa both supports the training of these missionaries and also the sending process as funds are available. To support this important work please visit our website to make a donation.

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