What is Conversion to Christ?

Andrew Walls from his St. Colm’s lecture (1989)-

“Conversion is not about adopting someone else’s pattern of life and thought, however ancient and however excellent, that is not conversion but proselytization … conversion involves the turning towards Christ of everything that is there already, so that Christ comes into places, thoughts, relationships and world-views in which he has never lived before.”

Conversion to Christ must mean the receiving of Christ into our life experience and finding Christ there. Adopting the experience of Christ of another is simply to mimic their actions but not to experience Christ in the depth of who we are. As culturally embedded beings our experience of truth necessarily takes place within our cultural context. Indeed whenever we find Christ we can only see Him through our own eyes, our own culturally affected eyes

And so we invite Christ to examine our life through His eternal eyes as we pursue our culturally embedded living and we find He has something to say and we hear His words in a language that already defines the categories of our understanding. And so Christ is invited in, not only as savior but as Lord, and as Lord He enters into the places of human experience not only to observe but to transform.

But what of our lists of doctrines and our traditions? Are they not sanctified and applicable to every people, every time and every culture?

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